Technical Support for Most Frequently Asked Questions


Account Questions

If you are a new applicant, select the �create account� link below the login screen and enter your email, create a password, and select how you were referred to the position; then click �next� and the application will begin.

If you are a returning applicant, simply enter your email on the login page and click �next� to enter your password to open the application.

Yes! All mobile devices can be used to view jobs and apply. Make sure you are using an updated web browser. Please see the side panel for suggested browsers.

If you are having trouble creating an account please try the following:

  • Make sure that your email address is spelled correctly and does not have any spaces in it
  • Make sure cookies are enabled
  • Make sure you are using an updated web browser. To find out if you are using an updated browser, please click the links in the side panel
  • Submit a ticket here for further assistance
  1. Make sure your email address is spelled correctly, and there are no spaces before or after the email
  2. Make sure your password is correct
  3. Reset your password by selecting Forgot Password on the login screen
  4. If you still need assistance, submit a ticket here

Return to the login screen and select, Forgot Password link. A password reset link will be sent to the email address you used to create the account. Please be sure you are entering the email correctly and check spam/junk folders for missed emails.If you still are unable to receive a reset link, submit a ticket here.

Resume Questions

Upon logging in, a pop-up screen will ask if you�d like to �upload your resume� or �build a resume/continue to profile:�

Upload your resume: This will allow you to select a file from your personal computer, DropBox, or Box account. Your document will automatically parse into the basic information fields and text box. *Please check to make sure information parsed correctly into the respective fields.* You can only upload one file at a time using this feature. If you�d like to include multiple documents, use the �additional/supporting documents� section at the bottom of the application.

Build a Resume/Continue to profile: If you would like to bypass uploading a resume file, need to type one manually, or are a returning applicant that does not need to add a new document, select �build a resume/continue to profile� and the pop-up window will disappear. You can use the copy and paste text box to enter information manually.

  • Supported file types are: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg
Previously pasted resume text cannot be removed or edited, however you can paste and save new text which will be marked as updated.

Depending on the company, uploading a resume file may or may not be required. If you do not have a resume file to attach, you can:

  • Find resume templates using Google or other similar search engines
  • Create a resume manully by copying and pasting sections of the application
  • Indicate that you currently do not have a resume file by typing a message into the text box of the copy and paste section
  • Login as returning user at a later time to add documents to the application
Emailing a resume is not an optional alternative and therefore not accepted.

To update or remove a previously uploaded resume file, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the job for which you are applying for and navigate to the bottom of the application to the section labeled "Additional supporting documents".
  2. Either click or drag files to the appropriate area to upload new documents.
  3. You can remove document uploads within 30 minutes of it first being attached
  4. Outdated resume files are automatically archived. Please upload new documents to update your data.

Other Questions

Sometimes documents will not parse correctly into the copy and paste text box within the application. This is normal as formatting may be stripped during the parsing process which can result in incorrect formats and/or text missing. This does not affect the formatting of the original document. The employer will view the file in its original, correct format. If you have further questions, submit a ticket here.

Viewing My Files

If you used the �additional/supporting documents� section to upload files, select the small icon to the left of the drop-down menu to download and view documents.

Deleting My Files

You can remove document uploads within 30 minutes of it first being attached. Outdated resume files are automatically archived. Please upload new documents to update your data.

  1. Make sure all required fields are properly filled out
  2. Clear web browser cache and try again

If using a device hosted by an educational or professional institute, you may want to try applying using a personal device. Often times these devices are highly secured and may have pop-up blockers or other settings in place that may interfere with application functionality.

For security purposes, the application will time out if you are logged in or idol for longer than 2 hours. If you received an error upon submission, log out of the application and log back in to refresh your session and submit. If you need further assistance, submit a ticket here.

  1. Depending on the employer, an email confirmation may or may not be sent to your email.
  2. If you do not receive an email confirmation within an hour, submit a ticket here and the Applicant Support Team will confirm the submission for you.
You cannot apply to the same job twice. However, you can login as a returning user to update information and documents. We recommend reaching out to the company direct to alert them you are a candidate that already exists in their system.
We do not have access to the companies contact information. Please look through their website to find the contact information.